Why should you Choose our cabins?

Designed to be a Home..... Not a Backyard Shed


All of our cabin models have your intentions in mind, we know you plan to finish out and live in these so they are designed and built to residential quality with extra's the standard shed does not come with.

All of our cabin models can be Customized

Residential Quality Windows


No cheap or low quality storage building windows here. These are the same quality of windows you would put in your home with Low-E Glass and Argon gas between the glass. Many window options to choose from

No Maintenance Door


Our Fiberglass doors with a insulated window and composite jambs are designed to look great and hold up to the test of time without needing any maintenance.

Many door options to choose from

Rodent Guard Flashing


Steel Flashing under the sub-floor is one of those things you may never notice but it is very important to protect the under floor insulation and keep rodents and pest from coming up into your cabin from underneath.

Low-E Reflective Insulation


Low-E Reflective Insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor will give your cabin and energy efficiency boost that no other cabin can match. Low-E will keep the interior of your cabin more comfortable and efficient in the ever changing Midwest weather conditions

Cabins need Moisture Control


Moisture control is one of the most important things to ensure your cabin is not a breeding ground for mold and mildew. A vapor Barrier Low-E Insulation wrap under the floor keeps Moisture from coming up from the ground and ventilated Ridge Cap allows for proper moisture ventilation as you finish your cabin.

Portable Cabin Models

Ozark Style


With high ceilings and large windows standard these cabins are perfect for a lake cabin, hunting shack, guest quarters and so much more! Make it your own: many colors, sizes and options to choose

Old West Style


Check out this unique style with a built on porch and pitch cover on front. These are perfect for small commercial buildings or make great cabins.

Adirondack style


These are Very similar to the Ozark Style cabins but with a built in 6' porch with a loft overhead. These make great weekend cabins and come standard with lofts, insulated windows and more.

High Barn Style


If you like the Barn style, then this is the cabin for you. This has a built in 6' porch like the Adirondack. The barn style roof style provides much more head room in the loft area. 

Farm House Style


The Farm House Style is the Ozark style  with the Barn style roof line. Available with many options and upgrades!

Economy Cabin


Designed to more directly compete with the smaller sizes and less options of the competition, our Economy Cabin offers a great high quality Cabin with many of the same features of our Deluxe cabins while fitting in to a tighter budget.

Log Cabins


Real Log cabins made from Missouri Yellow Pine. Available in portable and onsite kit sizes.

EConomy Cabin


Now Available

Our Economy Cabin line is based off of our popular Hi-Barn Cabin design and is available in 10' wide & 16', 20', or 24' long. It also has a 8'x4' covered porch on the front. Choose from 22 metal colors to get exactly what you want.


Loft Storage Space

Insulated with Low-E Reflective Insulation these small cabins will be very easy to Heat & Cool with minimal additional insulation and a small loft space will give you plenty of extra storage space.


Thermo-Pane Windows

Let some natural light in but not the heat/cold with residential quality windows.


We have many options & Upgrades to choose from