Run-in animal shelters


Standard Features:


  • Available with or without a storage/tack room
  • 4×6 MCQ Treated Perimeter Beam (Ground contact rated by the manufacturer)
  • 2×4 construction with side nailers notched into the studs for more floor space and a more professional look.
  • Studs and Rafters are all plated together with steel plates for strength and a more professional look.
  • Lined with oak kick boards for livestock protection.
  • Has a 1 ft. 6 in. boxed eave soffit on the side to divert the elements away.
  • 40 year paint warranty on the  metal, 22 colors to choose from 

Available Sizes:

Available in 10, 12, and 14 ft. wide and up to 40 ft. long.

Warranty & Delivery:

3 year manufacturer warranty against leaks & structural defects

Delivery in Missouri is included

No blocking, these are placed on level ground

Options / Upgrades:


  • Tack Room (standard size is 6 ft., larger sizes are available)
  • 12 in. square Gable Vents
  • Skylights
  • 2 ft. x 3 ft. Window
  • Different liner material or no liner material
  • Enclosing the front, adding stalls, doors and dividers