Dog Kennels


Standard Features:

Standard Dog kennels Include half enclosed and half open wire pen building

  • Treated Plywood Floor inside building
  • Low-E Reflective Insulation under roof of enclosed building
  • The enclosed building will be split into a 4' storage/feed room with a wire wall and wire access door leading into the interior dog pen.
  • 2-2'x3' Aluminum Windows
  • 1-Dog door connecting inside and outside pen
  • No floor is included in outside pen, wire door on end for access

**NOTE: 4x4 runners visible in some pictures running the length of the building are for transport

                     only and will be removed at delivery.

Available Sizes:

  • 8'x12'
  • 8'x16'
  • 10'x16'
  • 10'x20'
  • 10'x24'
  • 12'x16'
  • 12'x20'
  • 12'x24'
  • 12'x28'
  • 14' & 16' Widths available
  • Custom & Other Sizes Available

Warranty & Delivery:

3 year manufacturer warranty against leaks & structural defects

Delivery in Missouri is included

No blocking, these are placed on level ground


  • Add wire walls, doors, and dog doors to create multi pen kennels 

                      (see drawings below for popular models)

  • Add minor electric including 1-switch, 1-outlet, & 1-light with easy plug on outside
  • Add or change flooring options, floors available inside and outside
  • Add a dog weather vane on the roof
  • Many more options and completely custom buildings available